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Featured Students!

NATHAN JABLONSKI  -  Hard work pays off!  Nathan practiced hard on Waltz and is playing it beautifully.  He agreed to let us share it on our website!  Nathan has recently decided to focus his efforts on his classical guitar studies, and is looking forward to learning more challenging repertoire!

ONOFRIO MISERERE - Onofrio was accepted into teh Cawtrha Park SS Music Program, majoring in saxophone!  He'll be starting there in September 2018!

DAVID COJUCARU - Congratulations to David Cojucaru who in January 2018 was selected to perform at the opening of a concert during the International Performance Series put on by The Guitar Society of Toronto!  To a sold-out crowd he performed Danza Del Altiplano by Leo Brouwer, and he played beautifully!

Several weeks later he was again featured by the Guitar Society of Toronto by playing in one of their student performances!

JACKSON IRVING - He rocked at our Canada Day concert by improvising some killer leads alongside Lowe's School of Music owner Tim Smith!

EDWARD LIU - A live performance from Edward Liu, playing some VERY ADVANCED classical guitar works.  First he performs all three movements of La Catedral by Agustin Barrios, followed by Saudade No.3 by Roland Dyens.  This same year, despite being only in high school, Edward placed third in all of Ontario at the provincial finals of the Kiwanis Music Competition.  The two other guitarists were both several years his senior and studying full-time in post-secondary classical guitar performance programs!

Here's a video of the Cawthra Park Guitar ensemble performing Nota Bene by Luc Levesque!  The ensemble is comprised of many students who study at Lowe's School of Music, and the co-conductors of the ensemble are Lowe's students Quinn Goffin and Maurizio Miserere!

Update: since this video Maurizio Miserere has graduated from Cawthra Park SS and has gone on study music full time at York University!  He also started his own pedal effects company called M2 Circuits where he hand builds effects, audio cables, etc.  He also works part time restoring vintage electronics, and works on all sorts of amplifiers and other incredible pieces of equipment.

EWAN MUNROE  -  Ewan studies both clarinet and drums here at Lowe's School of Music! The year he completed his grade 2 RCM clarinet exam with First Class Honours!  Ewan also auditioned and was accepted into the highly competitive Cawthra Park Music Program, and he'll be starting there in the Fall of this year!

CALEB LI - Here's Caleb playing Drifting by Andy McKee!


An enormous congratulations to our students who have recently been accepted into programs across Ontario, including UofT, York, and Ottawa!


February 2017 - We're very proud of our many students who will be studying at Cawthra Park SS this coming September!

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