Steve Colucci


Stephen was interested in music from an early age, listening to bands such as the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Rush, and various other classic rock bands. Steve was quickly drawn to the guitar and was given his first guitar for Christmas at the age or 6. He then began lessons where he learned to read music, play chords, and songs. He continued lessons with a teacher and taught himself by learning to play songs by ear. By the time he was 14 he was giving private lessons.


Stephen went on to attend Cawthra Park SS majoring in music. He graduated from Cawthra and then went on to study at Humber College in their highly competitive jazz program.


Stephen has been performing in bands since the age of 10. He toured out east when he was in high school and learned how to play in front of audiences and entertain a crowd.

He currently writes, sings, plays guitar for his band The Ballroom Babies with his two brothers playing bass and drums. The band has released two records. One six song EP and one full length record with 15 tracks. The band has been acknowledged as one of Mississauga's top bands and in 2014 won a Mississauga Arts award.


Stephen is actively teaching and performing music to this day.