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Constantin Moeller


Constantin is a student at Cawthra Park in the Regional Arts Program, who started playing flute when he was 5 years old right here at Lowe’s School of Music. He has completed his RCM Grade 8 flute exam, and enjoys playing in concert bands and singing in different choirs. He also plays with the MSYO (Mississauga Symphony Youth Orchestra) to further enrich his studies of music.

He has performed with multiple orchestras, at weddings, as well as being soloist in some church services and concerts. He is proficient and creative in many different styles of music, ranging from Baroque to Jazz and everything in between.

Constantin also plays the Trombone in the school Jazz Band, and Tuba in the Concert Band. This has given him many perspectives and views of the different ranges in music, and unique types of instruments.

Constantin loves teaching and inspiring young musicians through engaging and insightful lessons this year!

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