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Alex Gustaw


Guitarist, composer, and educator Alexander Gustaw has always had a passion for music. At the age of fourteen he began studying guitar and has been striving to develop his craft ever since. Starting on a steady diet of classic rock greats such as Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Rush, Alex quickly began pushing his musical boundaries when he discovered the world of progressive rock. These new sounds drove Alex to search the musical landscape for new vocabulary to add to his growing voice, and it was around this time that he discovered jazz great, Miles Davis.


After graduating from high school, Alex went on to study physics at York University, where he became intimately familiar with the nature of sound. Upon completion of his physics studies, Alex furthered his education by studying jazz, composition, and musical education at York University while concurrently completing a Bachelor of Education. This training would ultimately lead to an OCT certification and qualification to teach music and physics at the high school level.


In addition to his academic study of music, Alex has been active in the practical side of music, regularly playing shows in the Toronto area with his previous prog rock band, Space Monster.


Alex taught at Lowe’s starting in 2011, before moving to London, UK for a couple years to teach physics. This experience abroad imparted a wealth of knowledge and new educational techniques that have become a part of Alex’s educational philosophy.


Moving back to Canada, Alex has returned to teach guitar at Lowe’s. In the classroom, Alex brings his wide range of educational experience to create a welcoming environment that the student can find their musical voice in. It is this passing of the torch that drives him to push himself every lesson as an educator.

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